Still A Work In Progress! :-)

Hey all, 

Just checking in since it's been like, well, two months. I haven't abandoned this project at all, so please don't think that. Keep sending feedback and playing the game. :-) I have been working on ANOTHER project, which I am finishing up soon. 

Here's some art of Carmen, from the Gameover-as-Adult-still. 

Get Grunge


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I'm trapped in the bathroom!

Um, help?

Hey Batshua, 

What part of the game are you at? Is this at the very beginning? If you don't fight Brandy, the blond girl, you won't be able to progress to the next scene. Or is this later in the game? 

No, I fought her, and I beat her, but I can't leave. D:

Uh oh. That's a new one! D-: I'm so sorry! Are you playing on the Mac version? That one tends to be buggier. When you defeat Brandy, there should be a star icon in the bottom right corner of the bathroom entrance. If you click on it, it should let you go to homeroom. Did that star icon show up? If not, I'd maybe try restarting it? If you hold down the mouse button, it should let you skip through the dialogue and you should be able to get back there really quickly. 

Yup, I'm on a Mac.  I dunno if the star showed up, but I'm guessing not; I'll try it again in a day or two and see if I can get out of the dang bathroom. :D