Known Bugs For Mac Version

Hey, one of my best friends was checking out the game and playing it on his Mac and reported some bugs to me. 

1. Topher MAY trap you in one of the cafeteria scenes; it looks like I haven't turned off the "Approach" movement and switched it to Random. AVOID TOPH AT ALL COSTS. (Unless you need to complete Tamara's quest, then you kiiiiinda need to talk to him.) 

2. Menus are breaking??? Like he couldn't get out of the  menu? And then the game completely broke? I don't know what exactly causes it or if the controls are different on a Mac, so I don't entirely understand what's going on. 

Since I don't have a Mac I can't test out these errors, but just BE CAREFUL, MAC USERS!! 

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(FYI, Mac and iOS aren't the same thing. Mac OS is the computer operating system, and iOS is for phones and tablets.)

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Thank you; changed that to make it clearer.