Things I Plan To Add To Grunge

For those who are curious, this is a list of things I'm planning to add to Grunge in the future!!!

  • There are over 65 NPCs I’m planning to make.
    • Each NPC is going to have at least five expressions, including a neutral one. NPCs will be able to express the emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise.
      • That’s 325 expressions at least!
  • There are four main characters that you can recruit and use in battles, and one that you can unlock with a special quest. They will have teenage versions, and adult versions.
    • Each main is expected to have more dialogue and will need to express more emotions, so I’m planning on 16 different expressions for each character. That’s 32 in total, counting teenage and adult versions.
    • Seraphina, who is the playable character, undergoes the most change in the game in terms of physical appearance. She’s going to have 4 different looks, which means 16 expressions for each look, and this translates into 64 expressions, total.
  • I’m also considering what artwork needs to go into this. The game is divided into 5 parts: three chapters, an intro, and an epilogue. Each part is going to be introduced with a still.
    • Possibly thinking about adding hand drawn, rough animations and adding those in for more intense scenes.
  • Since this is an RPG, there’s going to be some fighting. Below are the 7 types you’ll find in the game:
    • Cheerleaders
    • Mean girls
    • Homophobes
    • Street Punks
    • Schoolyard Bullies
    • Creeps
    • “Rough and Tumble Team” — group of 3 guys fronted by the main antagonist of the game.
      • My game uses an SV battle system, so each enemy is going to need artwork. 
  • Improving the Battle System 
    • Need a better tutorial in the beginning 
    • Difficulty of enemies increase as you go through the game 
      • Decrease the number of items/frequency of items that enemies drop 

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