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In the fall of 1990, 14 year old Seraphina "Seri" Baum moves to Golden City, North Carolina to start a new life with her newly divorced mother. 

Seri's not too excited about starting high school, and as she trudges through her day being harassed by bullies, she thinks that NOTHING is going to get better. 

But then Seri meets Carmen Rosales, an intellectual and confident loner, and she feels something that she's never felt before. It's both enthralling and terrifying. Slowly, as time passes, Carmen becomes the most important person in her life. But can Seri keep Carmen in her life even if she doesn't share the same feelings? What other things threaten their possibilities of a happily-ever-after?

Details About Game:

This is the first game I've ever made with no prior coding experience. 

PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME IN ONE SITTING. Unfortunately I can't guarantee if you save and come back to it later that it will still work! Sorry! 

I estimate this demo will take 3-5 hours to play. 

I would not recommend playing this game at work as there is a considerable amount of swearing (they are high schoolers, after all.) There is also some discussion of sexual content. 

As the game is in its earliest stages, some things may be broken or not fully implemented. You may notice that for Carmen, the art style for the facial expressions may change here or there. This is normal.  The game for the most part uses RPGMaker MV assets, but I'm planning on either creating my own or using nicer looking assets for the game.  Everything in this version (demo 2) is subject to change. This is meant to serve as a playable demo of part of the first and second chapters.

Email grungerpggame@gmail.com if you're inclined to leave any feedback, including suggestions and compliments.

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GenreAdventure, Action, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCasual, Coming Of Age, Female Protagonist, high-school, LGBT, nsfw, RPG Maker, school
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Patreon

Install instructions


You are going to download a ZIP file. You will need  Win-Zip or a similar type of program in order to play the game. 

Extract all the files to the folder.  You'll click into the folder, click into the Grunge RPG Maker folder, and there will be a file that simply says, "Game." This is the file that you'll click on to open the game.


- use arrow keys to move (you may also be able to click and move with your mouse.) 

- press space bar to talk/interact with objects. Most people (not all) you can interact with.  Any object with a sparkly you can also interact with. 

- hot tip for speedrunners: if you hold down spacebar, the game should just progress 

- press esc to open menu or save


GRUNGE DEMO 2.zip 141 MB

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